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    SwissSkills Mission Future as a tool for careers service

    SwissSkills Mission Future is an initiative for young adults in the process of exploring their career choices. The programmes offer inputs and inspiration for discussions and supports conversations with individual strength profiles. The profiles help students discover their strengths and thus guide them through the process of finding out about potential career paths.

    SwissSkills Mission Future features the following programmes:

    Mission Future School

    A working tool for schools to obtain meaningful strength, personality, and professional role profiles in just a few minutes with the support of teachers.


    Mission Future Family

    A discovery box and basis for discussion for families to explore their strengths in a fun way.



    What’s the idea behind the programmes?

    At the heart of the SwissSkills Mission Future programmes is an implicit visual questionnaire, the Visual Implicit Profiler (VIP)®. The VIP identifies certain personality traits – strengths, in particular, and preferred professional roles – on the basis of users interpreting simple graphic symbols. The test is designed to determine types of perception and decision-making.

    Both Mission Future Family and Mission Future School are tools to promote self-knowledge and encourage discussions. They focus on recognising and being aware of personal strengths and competencies. Both tools are best incorporated in career guidance processes early on. They are all about showing students their opportunities and paths in an unconventional and consistently positive way, and thus introducing them to the whole gamut of career options.

    Visit the website of our partner PSYfiers to learn more about the essentials of the Visual Implicit Profiler (VIP)® and the strength approach.


    Using strength profiles in career counselling

     Mission Future School, in particular, can serve as an inspiring and helpful element in conversations. Personal strengths and preferred professional roles are ideal icebreakers in career counselling. But as the programme’s name suggests, Mission Future School is designed as an educational tool for schools. Its materials for teachers may not be ideal for individual coaching. Personality profiles, however, will provide valuable inputs in individual counselling, as well.

    Please contact PSYfiers if you would like to use Mission Future in individual counselling sessions.

    in addition

    Explainer videos on Switzerland’s professional education system


    Looking for ways to demonstrate the flexibility and the freedom to choose educational paths in the Swiss education system to students, parents and teachers in simple yet powerful way?

    Use the twelve free explainer videos of our Opportunities of Vocational Education series in coaching sessions, in class or in parent-teacher conferences. Contact us by e-mail if you need individual video files.


    We would be happy to help

    Do you have questions about Mission Future School? Would you like to order a copy of Mission Future Family? Or do you need individual files of some of the explainer videos? Contact us! We will be delighted to assist you.

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