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    What is SwissSkills Mission Future Family?

    • A discovery box to explore strengths in a fun way as a family.

    • A positive basis for discussion based on a strength profile.

    • A series of prompts for everyday life, whether for young people going through the career guidance process  or for their parents & adults they know.


    Who is Mission Future Family suitable for?

    For young people – and their families – who are at the beginning of an educational or vocational guidance phase.


    What is Mission Future Family suitable for?

    To offer young people the opportunity to recognize their own strengths and develop their potential.

    To understand the importance of strengths in the career guidance process.

    To provide inspiration and a basis for discussion.

    To promote important conversations about potential, school, and careers within the family.

    The unconscious

    What's the idea behind Mission Future Family?

    Making their career choice is an important phase in young people's lives. At the beginning of this "Mission Future", however, it is not about specific professions. The first stage of making a career choice is to take a look at oneself: one's own strengths. Those who focus on their strengths are more likely to gain access to what they want. An important tool for discovering one's own strengths, and thus also part of the SwissSkills Mission Future Family strengths box, is the strength profile.

    The strength profile is not about school grades or about knowledge. It is established based on how individuals interpret images. As they process them unconsciously, the profile reveals both known and unknown strengths.

    SwissSkills uses the Visual Implicit Profiler (VIP) from PSYfiers AG; this is a visual test that identifies personality traits based on the interpretation of simple graphic symbols.

    Strength profile

    John Doe's profile

    In the strengths profile, we deliberately focus exclusively on young people's strengths. We offer an age-appropriate, reliable, and yet fun evaluation.

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    Order Mission Future Family

    Thanks to our partnership with UBS, you can order the family box for CHF 20.00 (excl. shipping costs)!

    Or benefit from our free trade fair offer for a short time -
    promotional code available at regional career fairs.

    UBS customers can order the strength box free of charge here.

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    Strength box

    Do you already have Mission Future Family?

    Looking for the link to the visual questionnaire?


    Don't you want to read the instructions?
    Our video will guide you through the box!

    Video tutorial in English


    How secure is the data?

    The data is not used for any other purpose than creating the profiles; it is never accessible by third parties (e.g. UBS) and will be completely anonymized after a short period.

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