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    Discover, use, and foster your personal strengths for a successful career.

    SwissSkills Mission Future is aimed at young adults in the process of finding a career and at learners. It offers free programmes that help them discover and explore their own strengths, as well as recognise and practise important soft skills.




    SwissSkills mission future School
    • Suitable for: Students at lower secondary level and bridge courses

    A working tool for schools to obtain meaningful strength, personality, and professional role profiles in just a few minutes with the support of teachers.

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    SwissSkills mission future Team
    • Suitable for: Vocational school students at upper secondary level

    A program that helps students recognize and practice their soft skills, using SwissSkills Champions and the SwissSkills National Team as references and guides.

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    SwissSkills mission future Family
    • Suitable for: Families

    A discovery box and basis for discussion for families to explore their strengths in a fun way.

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    Who provides SwissSkills Mission Future programmes?

    SwissSkills Mission Future is a SwissSkills initiative to help students discover, explore, and nurture their strengths.

    SwissSkills promotes young professionals at skills championships. The organisation stands for the manifold career opportunities vocational education creates and for excellence in exercising a profession.

    SwissSkills Mission Future is made possible by UBS. A main partner of SwissSkills, UBS is committed to support young people in the process of discovering and using their potential in their professional life.

    SwissSkills Mission Future works closely with PSYfiers AG. They provide programmes and grant licenses to SwissSkills.



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